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Your new favorite podcast from two dudes who love Bitcoins & have nice beards.

Back in 2018, BitBoy and JChains met up at a conference in Chicago. Both were in the Crypto space for a while and jokingly decided to start a podcast. 2 weeks later they were recording their first episode, and it took off from there.

They're just two dudes, with nice beards, and love for Bitcoin… and the crypto community.

Aug 8, 2019

Thank you for watching/listening to the Beards & Bitcoins Crypto Podcast. We sure do appreciate ya! Please also subscribe to our YouTube channel ( for the most up to date news and show info. If you have guests you want to see, or content you want us to cover, please email us anytime at: Bitboy Twitter: @Bitboy_Hodl JChains Twitter: @CryptoJChains Beards & Bitcoins Twitter: @BeardsBitcoins Beards & Bitcoins Website: Show Description: In this episode, BitBoy and I are not joined by a guest, so its just us two knuckleheads chatting about scams… I’m sure y’all have seen the recent news with Binance, there have also been some huge things going on with China and North Korea. So always remember, not to keep your crypto on an exchange, always do your research, and for heaves sake, don’t send anyone crypto in hopes to get more back... that’s just dumb. Anyhow, hope you enjoy this episode!