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Your new favorite podcast from two dudes who love Bitcoins & have nice beards.

Back in 2018, BitBoy and JChains met up at a conference in Chicago. Both were in the Crypto space for a while and jokingly decided to start a podcast. 2 weeks later they were recording their first episode, and it took off from there.

They're just two dudes, with nice beards, and love for Bitcoin… and the crypto community.

Apr 20, 2019

Join us as we chat with Robert Beadles, aka Crypto Beadles, the President of Monarch Token & Wallet. Robert is a prominent Cryptocurrency influencer on YouTuber and throughout the cryptocurrency space, and advises Crypto projects through their ICO, blockchain development and marketing endeavors. Beadles owns numerous patents and trademarks and develops ideas and projects and various clients. Monarch Wallet is THE COMPLETE CRYPTO SOLUTION! A crypto-driven ecosystem that gives you the POWER to control all aspects of your FINANCIAL KINGDOM from the palm of your hand. The Monarch Wallet is the only app worldwide to offer the amount of utility, functionality, security, and capability in one place for users to easily manage all aspects of their digital assets and financial lives. To learn more about Crypto Beadles and Monarch Wallet, please see the following links: Crypto Beadles Monarch