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Your new favorite podcast from two dudes who love Bitcoins & have nice beards.

Back in 2018, BitBoy and JChains met up at a conference in Chicago. Both were in the Crypto space for a while and jokingly decided to start a podcast. 2 weeks later they were recording their first episode, and it took off from there.

They're just two dudes, with nice beards, and love for Bitcoin… and the crypto community.

Feb 20, 2020


EPISODE 79: Should You Invest in BitcoinSV?

Today the boys swap shaving mishap stories as JChains gaps up his beard while BitBoy nicks his family jewels. The episode today focuses on Bitcoin’s fight to stay above $10k and what that means for the space. The also get into discussing the merits of investing in a project like BitcoinSV (BSV), & which brand of tools is the best.

This week on Beards and Bitcoins:

BitBoy & JChains discuss their problems with shaving and grooming the past week.

Token Time this week features BitcoinSV (BSV) –

For Token Time the boys discuss whether it is morally or ethically right to invest in BSV aka Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision. They both agree that the coin is being pumped by Craig Wright & Calvin Ayre, but the two billionaires could continue to pump it. But is it a good investment?

This week for News Break.. we discuss Bitcoin struggling to stay above $10k. BTC is yo-yoing back and forth and new people are coming into the space. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin also had some comments about Bitcoin mixing this week as he said it is like money laundering.

For Manspreading today, the boys talk tools. They discuss their favorite tool brands and what the most manly tool is.


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