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Your new favorite podcast from two dudes who love Bitcoins & have nice beards.

Back in 2018, BitBoy and JChains met up at a conference in Chicago. Both were in the Crypto space for a while and jokingly decided to start a podcast. 2 weeks later they were recording their first episode, and it took off from there.

They're just two dudes, with nice beards, and love for Bitcoin… and the crypto community.

Mar 28, 2019

Join us as we sit down with Claudio at KryptosChain to discuss Chinese centered projects like Ontology & Neo. We also learned about the next cryptokitties will be dragons. 🐉 Hope you enjoy this one! Claudio is a Cryptocurrency enthusiast that also has a Youtube channel to share information about projects on the...

Mar 25, 2019

Join us for first in a new kind of show, where BitBoy and JChians go more in-depth with a Coin/Project. For the first one, we are joined by Laura Taylor, the Outreach Officer working on Community Development for the DigiByte Awareness Team. We learned some big updates with DGB and had a great time chatting with Laura....

Mar 22, 2019

Join us as we chat with Ian Balina about ICO's, IEO's and more. Thank you for listening, we hope you enjoy! Ian Balina is a Blockchain Investor, Advisor, and Evangelist. He has built three million-dollar businesses from the ground up, and appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, Huffington Post, The Street,...

Mar 14, 2019

Join us as we chat some news head lines. From Samsung's recent announcements of the Blockchain Wallet and Dapps, to North Korea hacking its way to over $500 million in crypto assets, and all sort of other topics. Enjoy friends!

Mar 7, 2019

Greetings to our bearded and non bearded friends! Join us as Bunchu and Chamber from REKT Podcast join us for a episode where we talk about nothing and everything, pretty much at the same time. We had a great time catching up with these guys, and hope you enjoy the episode! REKT Podcast -